BobaMate® Boba Bottle in Ube
BobaMate® Boba Bottle in Ube
BobaMate® Boba Bottle in Ube
BobaMate® Boba Bottle in Ube
BobaMate® Boba Bottle in Ube
BobaMate® Boba Bottle in Ube
BobaMate® Boba Bottle in Ube
BobaMate® Boba Bottle in Ube

BobaMate® Boba Bottle in Ube

BobaMate® Boba Bottle in Ube

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Meet the world’s most convenient reusable boba cup. The BobaMate® Boba Bottle is a patented 2-in-1 tumbler and water bottle designed conveniently for your everyday use. Sustainaboba has never been easier

✔️ Built-in boba straw

✔️ Spill-proof

✔️ Hygienic lid

✔️ Shatter-resistant

✔️ Carry handle

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  • Comes with 1x Boba Bottle and 1x wide straw cleaner
  • 25 oz/750 mL
  • Made with Tritan™
  • BPA-free
  • Temperature resistance: 50 C° 
  • Hand-wash only (rinse before first use)
  • Not suitable for high-pressure area use
  • Cup-holder friendly

Please hand-wash BobaMate® Boba Bottle with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or silicone brush. Gently disassemble the lid, straw, and silicone piece for cleaning. To wash the straw, please use the straw cleaner provided with each bottle. Do not use the coarse side of a sponge or else it will scratch the bottle. BobaMate® is not dish-washer safe. Place the open lid flat to ensure full water drainage. Allow parts to fully dry before next use. Do not store beverages overnight. For a deep clean, we suggest using cleaning tablets or white vinegar

  • The more you use your straw, the more flexible it becomes!
  • If your straw is not moving, make sure that it is tightly inserted at the bottom of the lid
  • To get every last boba, insert your straw's slanted side towards you (pointed side away from you)

A patented design made for boba lovers

We took all the pain points of regular tumblers and reusable straws to create the ultimate reusable boba cup

How we elevate your eco-boba drinking experience:

Spill-proof & shatter-resistant

Enjoy mess-free boba with our hygienic lid that covers your straw. Our bottle is made from Tritan™, which looks and feels like glass but is extremely durable

Built-in boba straw

No more having to carry a separate reusable straw. Our built-in 360° swivel straw™ reaches any toppings you want. Gentle on teeth and free of aftertastes

Get every last boba

Our specially curved base helps toppings gravitate towards the center, while our 360° swivel straw™ reaches every last bit, even those wedged between ice cubes

Join us in our mission to reduce single-use plastics in the boba industry

Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews
Gabby - AstrocattsTV (Melbourne, AU)
I LOVE THIS! I use it daily

We ended up installing a boba bar last year and I’ve been wanting one of these since… Can I just say I ADORE this bottle! I use it so god damn much and it’s perfect! Ended up slightly pricey with shipping and AUD conversion but gotta say with how much I’m using it pretty damn worth it. Tempted to get one for my best friends birthday!

William Hillman (Thousand Oaks, US)
Absolutely Amazing

Such a cute cup, very customizable (I plastered mine with stickers!) and very easy to drink out of, as well as clean. Would 100% buy again <3

Lycoris Brocker (Oklahoma City, US)
Love this bottle!

The color is like a dusty rose shade I know they say Ube but, I like me some rose teas and rose teas are more often to be pinkish hue. The clear bottle is holding up pretty well but, it will cloud up from abrasion overtime so careful with your bottle and it will stay pretty longer! I have covered some scuffs my bottle has acquired with some cute stickers. My local tea shop and some of the coffee shops all ask me about the boba bottle because it's so cute. Only bummer is that the bottle is definitely not insulated so depending on ambient temps it will become slick with condensation if the contents are significantly colder. Love this bottle would highly recommend.

AJ B (New York, US)

Was a great gift! We homemake all parts of our boba drink and the spill proof bottle is great for city living. The straw cleaner is a very helpful inclusion.

Xiao A Tan
Leakproof, a bit flimsy, need insulation.

This is the only truly leakproof bbt bottle on the market! I've shoved it in my backpack with no worry of a huge mess. Taking a star off for the overall build quality for a $50+CAD bottle. Things rattle a bit, and the carry handle feels flimsy as others have mentioned. I wouldn't carry with the handle when the bottle is full.
Also, I'm waiting on the thermos version to come out. That was the one I really wanted but again, doesn't exist on the market. Adding a sleeve is not a solution we want.

Thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts, we’re so happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying your boba bottle! Regarding a thermos version, we will definitely consider one in the future, for now we chose Tritan™, a BPA free, odor-free, and shatter-resistant material with the look and feel of glass but is much more durable. We also chose a transparent material for you to show off your beautiful drinks! Truly appreciate your feedback and will pass your message onto our team.

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