Reusable Boba Bottles
Yes we ship worldwide for our Reusable Boba Bottles.

DIY Boba Kits

Our mission is to make authentic Taiwanese boba tea more accessible worldwide.

However, at this time, we are unable to offer international shipping for our Cane Sugar Syrup, Brown Sugar Syrup, and our curated kits due to packaging constraints. 

DIY Boba Kits

Yes, our Milky Creamer which is an optional add-on in the Jasmine Milk Tea Kit and House Milk Tea Kit contains milk derivatives.

Our boba kit ingredients are proudly sourced from Taiwan, the birthplace of bubble tea!

Our Boba Bottles are not included with our DIY Boba Kits.

  • One Brown Sugar Milk Boba Kit makes up to 7 large 25 oz drinks or 10 small 16 oz drinks.
  • One Jasmine Milk Tea Boba Kit makes up to 5 large 25 oz drinks or 8 small 16 oz drinks.
  • One House Milk Tea Boba Kit makes up to 5 large 25 oz drinks or 8 small 16 oz drinks.

All our boba kit ingredients are gluten-free.

All ingredients are vegan except our Milky Creamer.

Our Milky Creamer is lactose-free but not dairy-free.

Boba Bottles

We suggest calling your local bubble tea store to check if they are currently accepting reusables.

Unless it is prohibited by your district's law, there is no reason why a store should refuse to take our Boba Bottle. For example, according to California's health code: (a) Except for refilling a consumer's drinking cup or container without contact between the pouring utensil and the lip-contact area of the drinking cup or container, food employees shall not use tableware, including single-use articles, soiled by the consumer, to provide second portions or refills.

(e) Personal take-out beverage containers, such as thermally insulated bottles, non spill coffee cups, and promotional beverage glasses, may be refilled by employees or the consumer if refilling is a contamination-free process as specified in subdivision (a).

Compared to most reusable boba cups, our Boba Bottle can be used as a shaker cup which is more hygienic for boba tea stores because it eliminates the barista's need for using their own shaker cup and potentially touching a reusable cup when transferring the beverage.

Our Boba Bottle is made from Tritan™ (a shatter-resistant material that has the look and feel of glass), steel, and other BPA-free + food-grade safe materials.

Yes! Our Boba Bottle is BPA-free and food-grade safe.

Please hand-wash the Boba Bottle with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or silicone brush. Gently disassemble the lid, straw, and silicone piece for cleaning. To wash the straw, please use the straw cleaner provided with each bottle. Do not use the coarse side of a sponge or else it will scratch the bottle. Our Boba Bottle is not dishwasher safe. Place the open lid flat to ensure full water drainage before the next usage. For a deep clean, we suggest using cleaning tablets. Our Boba Bottle will be sparkling clean before you know it!

In the case that any black discoloration grows in your cap, please note that it can be a number of things depending on what liquid was put in your bottle and for how long of a duration. It is most likely a natural build-up that can naturally grow when beverages are left in an airtight space for prolonged periods. This natural growth can occur in any bottle and any closed container. To prevent this natural build-up, please be sure to always keep your bottle clean and fully dry before each use. Avoid storing beverages overnight in your bottle, and always fully disassemble the bottle (body, lid, straw attachment, and silicone piece) when cleaning to allow parts to dry completely.

To effectively clean away this discoloration, we recommend soaking the parts in hot soapy water and scrubbing with a sponge, cleaning pad, or bristle brush. Another trick is to soak the parts with white vinegar and scrub them with a toothbrush. Rinse, shake, and repeat to get the residue off and allow it to completely dry before reassembly and reuse.  

Yes, the straw attachment under the lid can be removed for easy cleaning! Simply tug the straw from the bottom of the lid for it to come out!

Please check on the bottom of the lid if the straw is tightly inserted (it is a removable straw!). Try giving the straw a little push and see if the straw is movable afterward. Most likely it's not moving because it isn't properly inserted. P.S. The more you use the straw, the more flexible it becomes!

Yes! We designed the Boba Bottle to be sleek so that it can be comfortably held in one hand and fits in standard cup holders.

The Boba Bottle is made from heat-resistant Tritan™, however, because of our unique sealed lid and 360° swivel straw™ design, our Boba Bottle is not suitable for hot drinks over 50 ° C when the lid is screwed on. Warm drinks under 50 C° are fine, but please take note of not shaking the bottle with warm beverages (as you can with iced and cold drinks) due to pressure that may build up when there is heat trapped.

If you love making DIY milk tea, feel free to brew the tea directly in our Boba Bottle, as the temperature without the lid can withstand up to 100 ° C. 

Our Boba Bottles can't be put into the freezer since it may crack when the liquid freezes and expands.

Our Boba Bottle is designed to be single-walled, making it a perfect fit for cup holders and easy to hold with just one hand! Plus, we've included a nifty fold-away carry handle to keep your hands warm and dry while you enjoy your beverage. While we don't have any plans for an insulated model at the moment, we're always open to feedback and suggestions from our communi-tea! Your input is valuable to us.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to offer replacement or spare parts due to the limitations of our small business. Rest assured, we are actively working on offering spare part replacements in the future. 

In line with this, we encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter to keep you informed about our progress. By doing so, you'll receive the latest news and updates directly in your inbox. We understand the importance of these replacements to you and are committed to resolving this matter as swiftly as possible.


Yes! Please email us at hello@mybobamate.com for more information.