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World's 1st Reusable Boba Bottle and DIY Milk Tea Bags sourced from Taiwan
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BobaMate® Reusable Boba Bottle

The world’s most convenient reusable boba cup
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Coffee has been made at home forever, so why not boba? 🧋

Make your own cafe quality boba in 3 steps:

Step 1: Cook boba

Step 2: Prepare milk tea

Step 3: Combine & enjoy!

Premium ingredients sourced from Taiwan, the motherland of boba 🇹🇼

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Introducing BobaMate® DIY Boba Kits

Enjoy authentic Taiwanese boba tea in the comforts of your home 🏡

No more waiting in line

Goodbye to online delivery fees

Reduce emissions from transportation & single-use plastics 

Drink boba whenever your heart desires!

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"Delicious high quality tea. You can tell not only by the thoughtful packaging, but by the fragrance of the loose leaf tea. If you want something hand crafted and high quality, make a drink from BobaMate’s Boba Kit."

Eric Chen
Founder of Sabobatage®

"The boba is so good! It's got that perfect bounciness that QQ. The tea is so fresh and the milky creamer is so good! Those brown sugar bits in there is amazing!"

Jasmine Pak
Buzzfeed Food Producer & Content Creator

"I am genuinely impressed that I was able to make boba in just 20 minutes! Knowing that it's this quick makes me want to make my own boba drinks at home more often."

Maggie Chui
Co-Founder of Asian Hustle Network®

A boba brand that started from a former bobarista of 5 years

It all started with our patented Reusable Boba Bottle™...

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