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"Delicious high quality tea. You can tell not only by the thoughtful packaging, but by fragrance of the loose tea leaves. If you want ready made tea or something quick go to the boba stores. If you want something hand crafted and high quality, make a drink from BobaMate’s Boba Kit."

Eric Chen

Founder of Sabobatage

"BobaMate's new premium tapioca pearls were delicious and so easy to make! To be honest, this is the first time I've actually made boba at home because I've always believed that cooking tapioca pearls can take hours. BobaMate makes this process so convenient and I am genuinely impressed that I was able to make boba in just 20 minutes! Knowing this makes me want to make my own boba drinks at home more often."

Maggie Chui

Co-founder of Asian Hustle Network

“I’ve been wanting to have boba lately but couldn’t go out to get some with my 4 month old at home. This kit was incredibly clutch and actually pretty easy. The boba texture and chewiness was exactly the same as premium boba shops and I like how I could customize the tea strength, sweetness, and milk. It’s cheaper than buying out and I didn’t have to use single use boba cups. 5 out of 5 stars!”

Nick Shen


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