House Milk Tea Boba Kit
House Milk Tea Boba Kit
House Milk Tea Boba Kit
House Milk Tea Boba Kit
House Milk Tea Boba Kit
House Milk Tea Boba Kit

House Milk Tea Boba Kit

House Milk Tea Boba Kit

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Dark, rich, and grounded. The one that started it all. Just one sip of our aromatic House Milk Tea will teleport you to the streets of Taiwan. This creamy delight is a timeless favorite that’s bound to catch your heart! 


  • Add our Premium Brown Sugar Syrup to sweeten tapioca pearls for an extra layer of caramelized goodness
  • Add our lactose-free Milky Creamer infused with toasty brown sugar bits for the perfect cup of creamy milk tea

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Milky Creamer
Brown Sugar Syrup
Paper Straws
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  • Makes 5 large 25 oz drinks (or 8 small 16 oz drinks)
  • Comes with: 1x House Milk Tea Bags (5 pcs), 1x Premium Tapioca Pearls (500g), 1x Cane Sugar Syrup (300ml), Optional: 1x Milky Creamer (350g), Optional: 1x Premium Brown Sugar Syrup (300ml), Optional: 1x Kraft Paper Straws (10 pcs)
  • Allergens: Milky Creamer contains milk
  • Vegan choice available: Simply opt out of our Milky Creamer and replace with your creamer of choice!
  • All products are gluten-free
  • Made in Taiwan – the motherland of bubble tea

Storage Instructions:

  • Tea: Store in a cool dry place & avoid direct sunlight. Keep package tightly closed
  • Tapioca pearls: Store in a cool dry place & avoid direct sunlight. After opening, wrap package tightly or transfer pearls to an airtight container
  • Syrup: Store in a cool dry place & avoid direct sunlight. Keep bottle tightly closed
  • Creamer: Store in a cool dry place & avoid direct sunlight. Keep pouch tightly closed

Shelf-life after opening: 

  • Tea: Best within 2 years
  • Tapioca pearls: Best within 1 month
  • Syrup: Best within 3 months
  • Creamer: Best within 18 months

Expiration date: Found on our product packaging

Click here for our easy to follow recipes

Enjoy authentic Taiwanese boba tea in the comforts of your home 🏡

No more waiting in line

Goodbye to online delivery fees

Reduce emissions from transportation and single-use plastics 

Drink boba whenever your heart desires!

Whether you want boba for breakfast or midnight munchies, we got you covered 🧋☀️🌙

Make your own cafe quality boba in 3 steps:

Step 1: Cook boba

Step 2: Prepare milk tea

Step 3: Combine & enjoy!


Jasmine Pak approved!

Introducing BobaMate® DIY Boba Kits

Premium ingredients sourced from Taiwan, the motherland of boba 🇹🇼

Quali-TEA you can taste

Our tea bags were thoughtfully made to brew the perfect cup of milk tea: 4x tea compared to standard tea bags, rich loose-leaf tea,  a pyramid design for enhanced flavor extraction, and made from biodegradable materials

Cafe-quality pearls

Chewy, decadent, and just like the boba shops. These authentic Taiwanese made pearls are ready in just 20 minutes compared to other brands that take an hour to cook. Enjoy cafe-grade boba at home without sacrificing quality or time!

Brown Sugar Syrup

Our rich caramelized brown sugar syrup is dark, smooth, and irresistible. We made it extra thick, so it sticks to the walls of your cup, just like the shops

Milky Creamer

We've taken the traditional powder creamer and elevated it by infusing it with delectable toasty brown sugar bits, adding a whole new dimension of richness and depth to your milk teas

Cane Sugar Syrup

Our signature sweetener brings life to your milk tea creations. Made with 0 artificial ingredients and crafted exclusively from natural cane sugar

Customer Reviews

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Airmi Zolina (Chicago, US)

Great, Tasty, and and fairly easy to make. This is great for lactose intolerance people.

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